Antec Meta V450w

د.ج 5.900,00

  • Model: META V450
  • Produces less noise and less heat
  • Industrial grade protections
  • 120mm Silent Fan
  • Thermal Manager
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Antec META V450 450W Power Supply

The Antec META V450 is a 450-watt power supply unit that comes with a 24-pin connector (520mm in length), an 8-pin connector for EPS12V (4+4-pin) (550mm in length), an 8-pin connector for PCI-E (6+2-pin) (550mm in length), two 6-pin connectors for SATA (400mm in length each), and two 6-pin connectors for SATA (400mm in length each). The PSU comes with a Thermal Manager and a 120mm silent fan. It is an advanced low-voltage fan control for optimal heat & noise management and will allow your PSU to stay at an optimal temperature. The 120 mm Silent Fan is ideal for quiet computing and is designed for longer life, guaranteeing hours of operation. It has an AC input voltage of 230VAC, with a frequency range of 47-63Hz and an input current of 5A. The DC output consists of +3.3V, +5V, +12V, -12V, and +5Vsb with maximum current ratings of 18A, 16A, 42A, 0.3A, and 2.5A respectively. The total combined power of the output is 110W, 300W, 3.6W, and 12.5W. The total wattage of the power supply is 450W.



Antec Meta V450w
د.ج 5.900,00
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